Friday, 27 July 2007

the way forward.

Top tip: if you don't have enough time for all the things you need and/or want to do, cut down on sleep. As the days go by it gets easier rather than harder, and the extra hours are most pleasant. There are a few side effects, such as mild confusion and a predisposition to fall alseep during a boring shift at work, but most of these can be countered by vast amounts of sugary coffee.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

things are getting desperate.

I hate my job. And I mean hate. I've had jobs I've disliked before (remember Tesco, anyone?) - in fact I've never had a job that I've liked - but this one has caused me to reach new levels of loathing. In the past I was always able to put work out of my mind when away from it and centre my life around my days off, but now the objection is so strong that it dominates even my days off - I can't relax and enjoy life fully, even enjoy it at 75%, when I know at some time soon I'll have to go back to that place.

When a colleague broke a bone and was signed off for 12 weeks I felt jealous and wished it was me. A broken bone seems more than worth it for 12 weeks off - people tell me that's an insane way to think but to me it seems perfectly logical. That place has seeped into my soul and is gradually killing any positive spirit I have left.

I am making progress in finding something new however, and have a phone interview next week, for a call centre job. Writing about it here might jinx me somewhat but no-one reads this anyway (I'm not saying that as a way of getting people to comment and say they do, because I honestly think that no-one does) and I have to do something whilst I wait for Flickr to upload my photos... Anyway, that shows how desperate I've got - if I get the job I'll be handling enquiries about credit cards, which is both boring and against my principles*. But it's daytime hours, only one Saturday in two (not two full weekends in three) and I won't be physically assaulted at work. Someone get me the £$%* out of my current job ASAP, please.

* Well, perhaps that's too strong a way of putting it - I have a credit card and don't think they're entirely morally corrupt; but I always vowed to do a job for the good of society, not for big business. Social care is gradually driving me completely insane however and unfortunately this is a time when I need to put my own happiness first.

I have spent the last few days in Dumfries and Galloway with my mum, sister and grandad. A very pleasant time indeed - lots of walks, lots of tasty meals, and it's a beautiful part of the country. Photos here, although unless you're an approved contact you won't be able to see them all.