Tuesday, 12 June 2007

a link for your exploration.

I already spend too much time online.
& now I will spend more.

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Anonymous said...

I have a note of your two blogs (may i say i as always like the urban decay site, i was always interested in these pictures of yours) so i will look upon them any time i happen to be online. I very much am getting highly bored and frustrated with the internet, recently it is causing me nothing but bother and as you say, i'd rather not write anything all too personal anymore as it doesn't really get me anywhere and i have a journal where i write more and more often than i'd ever do on the internet. I dont know, recently ive been thinking that this whole thing is turning into a bad joke. People thinking that comments on a 'journal' entry makes two people the very best of friends. When did friendship become so blase (sp?) and easy. Like i said, im writing you and mailing monday, i hope you are quite well. Love. Katie.