Sunday, 17 June 2007

now you'll understand why I'm unpopular.

I don't understand the current obesssions many people have for pirates or Harry Potter. I liked pirates when I was 4, liked them a lot, but at 22 I don't feel the need to decorate every item of clothing I own with a skull (or a bunch of skulls). The worst kind of crazes are those that followers believe to be quirky but are in fact far too mainstream and uninspired to be anything but a trend followed by sheep, and the pirate obsession is a perfect example of this.

As for Harry Potter, I couldn't get through even a chapter of one book without wondering what the point was, and the movies are just as irrelevant, packed with cliches. Maybe I'm missing something, but I've sampled both ideas and found them boring - perhaps other people feel the same but are afraid to admit it because they want to join in?


Anonymous said...

I suppose we could be unpopular together, i don't like these current trends that you write of either. The whole Harry Potter hype is quite the mystery to me, i never saw any appeal in it ever. I read that fans of the books/movies in the U.K are disgruntled by the plans for a Harry Potter theme park in the U.S, with newspaper headlines like "Who should get the theme park". Now, forget the fact that it's probably the biggest waste of money for any country that could far better use it for oh, i don't know, better health care, alternative 'green' power supplies, or aiding third world countries, why does it have to be an arguement as to who gets the theme park - are there restrictions on having just the one? It's all just so disappointing that our culture is apparently all for the individuals and yet, most people follow so called trends with such eagerness, and drop them the minute a new one appears.

Anyway, when i read your comment over on the blog, i thought of this quote that i read in a book a while ago that kind of stuck with me. 'Hope is the biggest lie there is, and it is the best'.


martie said...

I do like both Harry Potter (not seen the movies though) and pirates but it really annoys me the fact that nowadays everyone is obsessed and fanatic about them.

I have been loving them before Pirates of the Caribbeans and the big explosion of popularity of the little magician and nowadyas seeing that they are almost like a trend just make me feel like saying I don't like them at all. I just hate the fact that a lot of people just need the media to say "this is the new cool band/theme/movie" and they will immediately run to buy merchandising and swear that's the best thing they have never experiences. I wonder how many person really like what they say they like..

martie said...

That's maa_baby from seems I succeeded in leaving you a comment this time =)